Forgot How To Fly


Vertical Gallery recently presented a collection of works from British artist, Word to Mother. "Forgot How To Fly” explores the feelings and attitudes attributed to living in a social media laden society. Word To Mother refers to it as an ever growing “Comparison-Culture” in which people are more concerned with what they don’t have rather than what they have already been blessed with. “Forgot How To Fly” thoughtfully portrays society’s over-exposure to information and how children’s minds, as well as adults, are being consumed by digital addictions. 


Word To Mother is an illustrator, artist, and tattooist with a history of graffiti. Through his use of various media, he uses his unique perspective to capture the subtleties of the environment and human emotion through a refined, subtle palette and his unique and unmistakable line work. Human forms exist amongst ethereal landscapes, constructed of pattern, architecture and typography, creating an emotive, nostalgic depth achieved through textured layers of spontaneous mark making. His works on wood panels are refreshingly subtle interpretations of society today.


 This is his first solo exhibition in Chicago. To learn more about exhibitions at Vertical Gallery, click here.