About mei-mei

mei-mei is a creative concept created by Ginger Lu to challenge the presence of Chicago as the forefront of a new modern and developing landscape. mei-mei is the editorial space that showcases today's leaders within fashion, music, and art both inside and out of the 312 area code. From stylists and designers, to musicians and dancers, we are interested in learning about the strength and perseverance of each of these individuals that led to their incredible achievements. Through op-ed pieces, in-depth interviews and investigative reporting, mei-mei's content is a candid reflection of how Ginger interacts with the world around her. Working with that attitude, mei-mei acts as a tool promising to inspire you with the most updated content that pushes boundaries and questions your everyday expectations through empowering themes and today's top trending stories. 

We are in constant dialogue with the dynamic face of our culture.

This is mei-mei.

Welcome to my world. - G