Lollapalooza 2019 Style Guide

Hey everyone! I’ve been getting a ton of requests for festival fashion looks for Lollapalooza so I put together this little list of style inspo for my favorite Chicago holiday of the year. You don’t want to look like every other Northshore girl rolling into Perry’s so check out some affordable ways to spice up your lewk.


Tie dye is making a huuuuuge comeback this summer. My favorite way to wear it is to crop up an old band tee and DIY, but if you’re running short on time, these options below are a pretty close second. Tie-dye tank tops, bodysuits, socks with vans, are all good ways to rock out in this fun summer fit.


Mesh overlays are a super cute way to dress up biker shorts and stay cool in the crazy Lolla heat. These outfits would look super amazing with sneakers/combat boots and braids. I’ve linked some options at different price points below. I think white mesh over a neon fit would be a great look - maybe with a tie-dye scrunchie?


If you haven’t ditched your basic AF flower crown yet idk how to help you because it’s been 8 years since those could be worn in an non-ironic way. Bucket hats are a sneaky way to keep DAY 3 of Lolla hair alive. If you’re like me, you get braided on Day 1 and watch hopelessly as your hair turns into a frizzled mess after a few sets at the Perry’s stage on Friday. Bucket hats keep the top of your head from being unseen and are a fun way to tie together the rest of your outfit, especially if you’re going with a monochrome look. My favorite picks are below:


Hawaiian shirts are a super cute way to dress up your outfit! Put on a cute crop top/bathing suit top with a silk Hawaiian print over it to complete your look. I’m not talking about your dad’s Margaritaville shirts either, get something with a fun print!


I’m sure by now all of you have seen Kylie Jenner rocking Onia’s new cow-print suit. This trend is definitely heating up the summer, and I’ve linked a few ways below you can go wild. Leopard print is super outplayed by now so if you still want to do an animal print, you best option is to rock something new.


Chains are so hot right now. Complete your look with a cuban link or a chain for your sunglasses. Forget croakies and upgrade your look with one of my selects below. It’s also a good trick to not lose your sunglasses this year because you’ll always have them around your neck.

So that’s it! Hope this list helped and happy shopping! Please DM me if you have any questions about styling - happy to help you make some fashion decisions and if you see me at Lolla make sure you come up and say hi!!!