Gallery Aesthete


Last weekend, I was taking a walk around Wicker Park and stumbled upon a really cool window display that looked like something out of the Matrix. The gothic, high-fashion vibe of Gallery Aesthete immediately caught my eye and the list of designers they carry was extensive to say the least. Their mission is to illuminate the relationship between fashion, art, and object, by synthesizing these elements into an experience grounded in the crafting of identity.


Gallery Aesthete proposes a lifestyle conscious of seeking  precious things that last long beyond a fleeting trend, offering substance over seasonal reinvention. The curated fashion, art and objects presented are meant to be appreciated for a lifetime. While all materials age and degrade over time, Gallery Aesthete celebrates this fact by selecting pieces that embrace the beauty of deconstruction and highlight the personal story recorded as a garment is worn. The Chicago storefront’s interior architecture is a masterful expression of brutalism. Precise attention has been paid to the raw material, form, lighting, and composition of space in relation to the objects within the gallery. Guests should expect to be transported into a sanctuary of material, fashion and art. I’m excited to explore this store more as time goes on, and the vibe it brings to Chicago is definitely appreciated. To learn more, visit their website here.