Invisible Space Opens February 23rd!


Brandon Breaux, the artist who designed all three of Chance’s album covers, will be bringing yoga, meditation, a figure drawing workshop, and a pop-up store to a pizzeria located on the south side of Chicago. He brought in street artists to paint the murals inside. The Invisible Space is Breaux’s baby. The name is a reference to neglected urban areas, many that can be found on the South Side, communities that are forgotten. That’s very apparent in Chicago given the schism between the North and South sides, segregated by race and class. Weekly yoga and meditation classes can be a boon to locals, but Breaux also hopes the project can shatter stereotypes. He called the bigoted notion that traveling to the South Side could be dangerous “ridiculous” and wants to challenge “those outside the community to come out and figure out what’s really going on with Chicago.”Authenticity was important — Breaux didn’t want artists who could emulate street styles, he wanted artists who actually painted street murals.


The grand opening of the space will be February 23rd and he will be posting a schedule of the day’s activities on his Instagram page here. The address is 8548 S. Cottage Grove, and the entrance can be found through Chi Pizza Pie’s north entrance. I would love to see you all there next month!