"All That Glitters" - E.LEE Immersive Art Event


If you’re in Chicago this weekend, join me at E.LEE’s new solo exhibition, "All That Glitters." The exhibition is composed of over 20 new works, functional sculptures, and two limited-edition prints.

In this new body of work, E.LEE creates a world out of the low resolution cartoon caricatures of wealth and success that impacted him as a child. Our ideas around power and status become more complicated as we mature, but do our desires for both change? How much power can an idea have? What is the value of art? Take a trip down a Chicago alley this weekend and decide for yourself!

See you all this Saturday from 6 PM - 10 PM. The exhibit is one night only! Entrance is free, and you can enter the exhibit from the alley at 812 N. Damen Avenue. To learn more, visit the artist's website here.