Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room is Coming to Chicago!!!!


A mysterious new institution called the wndr museum has announced plans to bring a Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room to Chicago, the first to ever go on view in the Windy City. The pop-up museum promises to feature educational and experiential installations that merge art and science to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Few details have been revealed about the forthcoming wndr museum, but it appears to be the non-museum kind of museum in the tradition of the Museum of Ice Cream. With the exception of the Kusama work, the rest of wndr is full of Instagram-friendly photo opps in bright colors.

 “The wndr museum represents the next level of experience in art—in other words, experience as art,” a spokesperson from the museum said. “Legacy museums are about looking at art—the wndr museum is about you as part of art. wndr manipulates natural phenomena in a series of interactive experiences that invite you to look at yourself in relation to the world, from the tiniest speck to infinity.”

But wndr is promising to outdo the competition. It “will raise the bar on pop-up experiential exhibits,” according to a fact sheet provided to mei-mei. “It will bring depth to an area that has been defined by lack of substance.”

Details of when the installation will launch and where the wnder museum will be located are still pending. The organizers of the museum are currently anonymous, and they have not determined ticket prices have yet. Interested parties can sign up on the wndr website here, which will notify them when they go on sale.