Be Careful - Cardi B Official Video Out Now!

Cardi B has released a new visual from her debut album Invasion of Privacy.

Her third single, “Be Careful”, gets a full movie treatment that starts with a wedding and ends with a funeral. In the Jora Frantzis-directed clip, she marries a man in the desert before ultimately burying him. Cardi heads to the desert to seal her nuptials to a man she thought she’d be with forever. She wears a ruffled wedding gown with blond hair and a jeweled choker to pair. Things don’t go as planned and her celebrations quickly turns sour. Within the blink of an eye their joining ceremony turns into an open-casket service for her deceitful partner.

El Diablo is watching you, sir, and her name is Cardi B. Watch the clip above to find out what happened.