Art Gives Me Hope

The Annex, Threadless, and Hope for the Day will be having their 6th annual spring pop-up art raffle supporting suicide prevention and mental health education projects this Thursday from 6:30 - 10 PM. They'll be auctioning work from from Hebru Brantley, Loish, Marlowe Dobb, Brian Ewing, Lefty Out There, Jason Peterson, Conrad Javier, Fernando Chamarelli, Stinkfish, Brainkiller, Lisa Gray, Chuck Anderson, Rob Shields, Junkyard, Elloo Elloo, Joe Renda Jr , Blake Jones, RYCA, Michael C. Place, Debbie Millman, Mike McQuade, James Goggin, and more! Come join me in supporting this great cause! You can get free tickets for this event at the Annex's website via this link. To learn more about Hope for the Day and their mission, visit their website here.