Sleeping with Sapira


As you all know, I've been having trouble sleeping through the night these last few months and my doctor recommended I find a mattress with better support where I don't sink into the bed. I've been sleeping on my Sapira Mattress for a few weeks now and I'm happy to report that I sleep through the night with no issues! It feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud every night, and I'm starting to look forward to spending more time in bed every day. If you're in the New York area, you can actually go try the mattresses out at the Leesa Dream Gallery in SoHo or get one shipped to you for free to try for 100 nights risk-free. 

My favorite part about Leesa is that they give back. Driven by the mission to provide “A Better Place To Sleep for Everybody”, Leesa
donates one mattress to a shelter for every ten they sell through their One-ten program and have donated over 22,000 mattresses so far!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and check out their website here. Don't forget to use the promo code GINGERLU for $200 off your new Sapira Mattress!