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This post is sponsored by Zappos x UGG. So if you haven’t seen my post, I recently spoke on my story to "aspire to be yourself in your best form." Someone replied with "easy for you to say when you’re a blogger with so many followers." Being your best self means you at your peak or you when you are completely confident and in touch with yourself. Your best self depends on nobody and you are content with everything you are. Your best self is your truest most pure form of yourself before letting others opinions affect you. THAT is what being your best self mean. It has absolutely nothing to do with social media or career. I say "aspire to yourself in your best form" because I see so many people say "wow I wish I was you but I'm not so therefore I am not pretty/fit/etc". Thus, I try to spread the idea of aspiring to be yourself rather than looking at someone else and wanting to be them/copy them. This saying really helped me find who I am and find the confidence in everything that I am. As much as I love my job, blogging can really make you question your self worth. I have the privilege of having the people that follow me tell me "oh youre so beautiful/perfect etc." but with that love also comes just as much hate that sometimes affects me when I am at my lowest. I cant stand when people dehumanize others due to their career or even worse, their follower count. No amount of success can truly cure loneliness or insecurity. There are so many times where I have hit rock bottom and thought that I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough. Rejection happens so often in the industry and many people dont like to admit it. By aspiring to be myself in this industry, I don't conform to others. I have gradually found the confidence in being the most authentic me. Aspire to be yourself in your best form. Let’s spread positivity and love. Now enjoy this beautiful picture of me living my best life in my UGG boots this season. Love begins with yourself, and I love being able to style these boots and more from Zappo’s. They make all of my last minute outfits easy to put together because everything I’ve ordered comes within a few days and I can always grab that last minute accessory just in time for a shoot.

Ginger wears Mini Sequin Bow,  UGG .

Ginger wears Mini Sequin Bow, UGG.

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