Happy Holidaze from Schutz Shoes

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Ginger wears S-Elisangela Lace Up Vinyl Booties,  Schutz Shoes .

Ginger wears S-Elisangela Lace Up Vinyl Booties, Schutz Shoes.

Happy Holidaze guys! It’s been a hell of a year so far. I say so far because we still have a month left, and who knows what the next few weeks will bring. I wanted to use this post to reflect in my 2018 so far. I’m so thankful for my beautiful family, supportive friends, the gorgeous guy in my life, and the opportunity to grow and discover myself daily. Thankful for the sweet moments with family, the laughter and the meaningful conversation. Thankful for every lesson I’ve been taught in my life, for every memory I hold close and for the memories I will continue to make with those I love. Thankful I’ve found peace and truth and love in who I am. Thankful I’ve found my voice, my confidence and my light that has always been there but I never knew it. Thankful for all of you who are kind, loving, supportive and gentle with your words. I’m thankful that the holiday season is a thing even though I’ve always kind of hated it. As I grow and change, I’m starting to realize the importance of cherishing what you have while you have it. The every day blessings like family, a roof over our heads and clean air to breathe, water to drink we so often disregard are luxuries to be appreciated, and thought about more often. Today is just a reminder of that. I love all of you, and what better way to celebrate the holidaze than to upload yet another photo of myself with the chicest Schutz shoes on my feet. Maybe I should go take some family photos and stop hiding in my restroom to type this. Xoxo 🖤🖤

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