Disco Chicago


At DISCO, the club that opened last August above Celeste, you can dance the night away on a wall-to-wall LED dance floor. It's open Thursday and Friday from 11 pm to 4 am and Saturday from 11 pm to 5 am. The space is full of fur sofas, mirrored ceilings, and shag rugs. Disco recreates the energy, glamour, sexiness and globally fueled character of the 1970s from Paris, Rome, and NYC. DISCO captures the decadence of the 1970s, summoning the "anything-goes" attitude. It's ecstatic, nonstop, all-night dancing, energized by music from DJ's mixing multiple genres throughout the years. Music is at the very heart of DISCO, with Funk, Soul, Latin, House and re-mixes of everything from ABBA to Blondie, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Chic & Nile Rodgers, Cerrone and much more, providing the beats for impressive high-profile DJ lineups and residencies. 


All of their cocktails are served as a double in a 16oz Disco Ball. My favorite drink was the Frozen Porn Star, composed of Vodka Cuvee, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Citrus, and Bubbles. For $25, you can dance the night away with this boozy delight. To learn more about DISCO and request seating or inquire about hosting an event, visit their website here