Congruent Space

If you're tired of traditional retail stores in Chicago that have a rack of clothes on your left, a rack of clothes on your right, and a register in the back of a 1000 square foot space, step into Congruent Space at 1216 W. Grand Ave.

Congruent Space is a conceptual platform that integrates art and fashion without the sad sales associate greeting you with a monotonous, "are you shopping for anything in particular today?" There's no register or check-out area. It's still a store where you can purchase fire clothes, they epitomize a cultural rendezvous. They feature up-and-coming brands that aren't the mainstream wares you'll see on everyone's back walking down Michigan Avenue. They recently began featuring Chicago native JoeFreshGoods' designs and change the interior of the space to match the theme of the brand being featured. For JoeFreshGoods' Beauty Supply collection, the space was transformed into a beach. The point of the space, according to co-owner ProsperBambo and creative director Preme, is to alter how retail experience works. Helped by their visually gifted third partner Vince Manglardi, they three choose to campaign brands that interest them. Visitors of the store are met with an interactive experience with the goal of inspiring a new culture of retail.

To learn more about Congruent Space, visit their website here.