Noyane Rooftop at the Conrad Hotel

Noyane at the Conrad Hotel opens this evening to the public. The rooftop restaurant just off of Michigan Avenue in River North will focus on an inventive Japanese menu, curated by Executive chef Jordan Dominguez. Dominguez previously worked at Momotaro and aims to bring the knowledge and success of the Boka Group's sushi jewel in the West Loop to Noyane's kitchen. He promises huge sushi platters that grab the attention and envy of guests sitting at other tables and giant bowls of sake sangria.  

However, Dominguez also aims to educate guests, sourcing his fish from respectable vendors. That means endangered species such as the bluefin tuna won’t grace our lips as often since the focus will be on seafood that may be unfamiliar to most. Dominguez plans on serving traditional dishes with a twist, such as a box-pressed King crab roll that’s a homage to a traditional Maine seafood dinner with garlic butter.

The menu, of course, is not to be overshadowed by the stunning view of Chicago's downtown. Guests will sip bottles of 10-year sochu and schnapps-spiked Sapporo served in takeout boxes under the string lights of the skyline. To learn more about Noyane at the Conrad Hotel, visit their website here