Odesza - Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)

We've literally been waiting three years for this. Since In Return's debut in 2014, fans have been praying for this Seattle-based duo to release a new album. If you've ever seen them live, you'd understand why people fall in love with their music. I remember my first Odesza concert at The Firebird in St. Louis on October 15, 2014. I was part of a tiny crowd of less than 100 people, standing close enough to watch tiny beads of sweat form on Clay and Harrison's foreheads as they beat the crap out of these huge drums. I've never gotten such a feeling of pure happiness before from simply being at a concert. Odesza created a sound that's different enough from other artists to set them apart, but familiar enough to resonate instantly with most listeners. I could compare the experience of their music to getting McDonald's in another country. It's still the same nugs you know and love but paired instead with that tangy Sichuan dipping sauce. I got a chance after the concert to meet with them and invite them to smoke with me back at my apartment. They declined, but they've still got my number and I'm pretty hopeful that they'll show up on my doorstep to this day. If this track filled with ethereal spaces and thumping percussion, like fuzzy clouds being punctuated by dope-ass thunder, is any indication of the music we have yet to come... we will not be disappointed. Download the track from their site by clicking here, and make sure to keep up with their social media updates because I hear there's more to come later today!

MusicGinger LuEDM, Odesza