Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham has always been my favorite contemporary artist. During my quick visit to NYC I was able to catch up with some of his work on display at Galerie Perrotin.


There's a fascinating quality to his work. Blue towers of football and rugby balls stretch from floor to ceiling. Moulded jackets and helmets are mounted on the wall. The way Arsham is able to combine human emotion with mixed mediums of crystal, volcanic ash, and obsidian is captivating to watch. This of course, resulted in high profile followings of Chris Stamp, James Franco, and Usher to name a few. 


Arsham is almost completely colorblind for starters, resulting in the monochromatic series that we see on display. His work featured a room of orbs molded from sports balls of various sizes grouped into a cave-like space of stalactites. The piece is an extension of Arsham's previous works that explore archeology, fiction, and the collapsing of time. 


He founded Snarkitecture, a collaborative practice based in New York, with Alex Mustonen to investigate the boundaries between art and architecture. The studio's projects have ranged from covering a private jet with a sky-blue gradient to filling a Washington DC museum with nearly one million plastic balls.