So I just had the best meal at Bohemian House (BOHO) last night. We were invited to try their new winter menu, and it 100% warmed us up from the cold weather outside. We started our meal off with a Flemish Beer Flight, featuring three varieties of Belgian beer, which was followed by their Beet Salad composed of caraway vinaigrette, mixed greens, and spiced walnuts. We were also able to sample two of their crazy popular sausages; the Duck Sausage and the Chicken Bratwurst. The Duck Sausage was my favorite since it featured orange, caraway, and crisp duck skin, but the Chicken Bratwurst had gouda inside of it and was flavored with beer and their house mustard (which was phenomenal). However, my favorite dish of the night was the Cabbage and Mushroom Pierogis, filled with baby mixed carrots, sour cream, and jus. They melted into my mouth and since I fucking love mushrooms, I was in absolute heaven. We also got to try one of their specials of the night, which as a Beer-Glazed Pork Shoulder served with horseradish potato salad, house mustard, and chive. I didn't even need a knife to slice off a bite (since it was so ridiculously tender). We chose the Black Forest Cake and Kolacky for dessert. Both were outstanding in their own unique way. If you love chocolate like I do, definitely go with the Black Forest Cake. It was served with currant and lillet-blanc ice cream, raspberry coulis, and cocoa nib tuile. I was dipping chocolate into more chocolate, which is my favorite thing to do in the world. The Kolacky was also incredible if you want to try something different. It's basically a fruit dumpling tart-like concept with seasonal fruit preserves and crème fraiche ice cream. Make sure you head over to River North asap to try this new menu before it's gone! 

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