Windy City High - Cannabis Infused Fine Dining Pop Up


Herbal Notes, a California-based supper club that serves cannabis-infused meals, is coming to Chicago next month. They’ll be serving six courses with an infused beverage and a take-home bag — and no, it’s not “technically” legal. Chef and founder Manny Mendoza, a High Times Harvest Cup chef finalist, started Herbal Notes as a platform centered around shared knowledge,  culinary exploration and genuine relationships with a goal is to reach a mainstream platform of millions of people around the world, sharing education on the long-studied benefits of recreational and medicinal cannabis, and how those benefits can be mindfully utilized as an inspiring,  health-conscious energy boost for everyday life.

Mendoza is teaming up with Chicago chef, Daniel Espinoza, from Lobo Rey to hold the meal on December 4th. They’ve haven’t found a location yet, as Mendoza’s been scouring the city and said they “don’t want to attract the wrong attention.” The dinners, Mendoza said, create a safe space for people to talk about “changing the stigma about what marijuana is and what cannabis is and having a really meaningful conversation about what’s going on in the city.”

At every meal, there’s an emphasis on education. Mendoza said they talk about different strains and how medicinal marijuana can help alleviate certain symptoms. They teach about cannabis, what it’ll do for people and how it affects the body while discussing the social responsibility aspect of legalization.

To learn more and purchase tickets for this event, visit their website here.